Created during the Ludum Dare 47, Loop's Way is a solo game in which you play as a prisoner who must overcome its virtual jail. You're trying to escape by all means, and so, you will learn to use the environment.

Move the cubes of time and space to resolve the puzzles. Are you looping endlessly? Find the way to cheat the trap! Keep an eye on your surroundings. Keep going until you escape from this “timeline"!

When you go through a door, going back through it means you will reset the level. At the reset, cubes in your hands stay with you. Also, Temporal Cubes will remain in place even after the reset. Some pressure plates will need a specific cube of the same color.

- Differents kind of cubes with their own properties.

- Two arms to take two cubes at one time!

- Use the different switchs wisely.

- Go through the gates and progress!

- When you go back the same path, you will return at the beginning of the level.

WASD or ZQSD if french keyboard

Player Right Hand : Right-click to take/place a cube

Player Left Hand : Left-click to take/place a cube

Space : Jump

Nicolas Villard - Producer 

Robin Psaila - Producer - 3D Modelor

Nicolas Roge - Lead Programmer

Thibaut Guerin - Programmer

Pierre Mallet - Lead Game Designer

Lucas Sanchez - Game Designer

Eloise Gur - Game Designer

Aymeric Mullot - Game Designer 

Alexandre Roblin - Lead Artist

Music : Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


Loop s Way.rar 80 MB


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Very creative puzzle mechanics, you really pulled a nice use of the theme, congrats! I took me a few minutes to realize I had 2 hands so I could carry 2 cubes, maybe an indications of that could be a good idea (Or maybe I missed it lol) I had a good time, enjoyed it and how I needed to think to solve the puzzles! I like the art direction, I can see the assets were made quickly or by not very experienced people but it does the job for a jam. (It reminds me of Star Wars Imperial ships interiors) though the lighting is a little poor, not very clean rendering. Audio is good, and the music is great and didn’t feel too repetitive, nice job!

Though I found it frustrating not to be able to look up and down, weird choice, also a high Field of view could have been handy or an option to change it, and a slightly higher jump along a sprint key, but that’s maybe just my preferences, in terms of ergonomic navigation in your 3d space.