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🏆 5th Prize Jury Award : Best video game for the topic "Shape Unshaped"
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It is 2150 and the world has changed. The earth is now 
part of an interplanetary alliance. This integration meant
the arrival of new species on earth and the need to include
them in our society and our businesses.

The player takes the role of a Human Resources Director
who has to respond to the new wave of alien
employees, needs to recruit and adapts the doors of his
office to the shape of the candidates.

The only information that the player has about the shape
of his candidates is what their head looks like.
Use their Curriculum to try and guess what the
rest of their body looks like and then
change the doors of your office accordingly.

Discover All Inclusive now! A challenging solo game that will
require you to keep your eyes wide open from 9am to 6pm!


                           🎮 Controls 🎮

   Change the shape of the door

 Door section switch

      Validate the shape of the door


                     👨‍👨‍👦 Team Members 👨‍👨‍👦

Alice Pisica in MBA - Producer
Baptiste Figeac in Fourth year  - Producer

Rémy Schlaeintzauer in Second year - Lead Game Designer
• Daniel Oliveira in Third year - Game Designer
• Damien Leclercq in Third year - Game Designer
• Victor Musset in Second year - Game Designer

• Nicolas Rogé in Fourth year - Lead Developper
• Cédric Chauvin in Fourth year - Developper
• Charlélie Garrigues in Second year - Developper

• Paul Meyer in Fifth year - Lead Artist

Many thanks to Raphael Marteaux for his external help in
composing the OST. 
Contact at raphael.marteaux@gmail.com

Sound effects came from https://www.zapsplat.com/

Color Palette - Odd Feeling


All Inclusive V7.zip 27 MB

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